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Kelor Natural Products is a proudly South African herbal products company founded in 2015. With generations of farming experience, we have diversified into dehydrated fruit and vegetable products. This remarkable method of preserving food, has proven to be quite as valuable as fresh foods, keeping the freshness of its nutritional value sealed in for a longer period of time. Our passion to improve people lives through healthy farming has allowed us to take these nutritious foods and turn it into a convenient end product for you to benefit from. Crops are grown on local farms, which allows us to control the quality and fairness of our products. Harvest and processing is done on the same day to ensure the best quality and maximum nutritional value is retained and sealed within our products. We are proud to say that we do not use any preservatives, colourants or additives in our products, with an intense dehydration process, which does not involve blanching or exposing our products to extreme heat or the elements.





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